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O.Q. Pay

there is a wall, with a woman with her mouth covered
and the wall speaks and its words are sprayed and they say
occupy my vagina, and my bus bears witness

headphones abound, screens are aglow, eyes wander
between spaces reserved for feet, secrets, embarassments
lips are pressed and cheeks flushed, the air is crisp
with inklings from last night on some faces

and of course there is someone talking to no one
and some one else is getting up, while a third checks
the seat out, brushes debris aside, sits to read an old paper

sounds are contained and the time is not well spent
we must enter through the front and exit out back
for the flow, for the way it moves between hellos
and goodbyes, so sick of so many goodbyes, you see?

there is a bit of refuse by your feet, a wrapper, a can
but i cannot lift my spirits and everything goes by the side
the sweet side of a known direction, an expected encounter
with the inklings of last night's excess all over your dress