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so many more miles to go

i caught the first whiff of your signature scent
     somewhere outside cleveland after dusk
there was a certain twang to your essence
     not unlike a tense guitar string screaming
quietly with finger picking precision back
     in the lounge car with the other passengers

another window looks out into our ignorance
another one is always offering unsolicited words
another reason to steal your smile and make it my own

there are no more stops from here on out
     across from you is a little bit warmer
than having to listen to more of his drivel
     the thundercarrot turns out to be nothing
but the latest disappointment, just a weird name
     and i still cannot muster enough gall to address you

perhaps this is not where we are supposed to be
perhaps dinner is not the answer you wanted
perhaps we didn't hear what we thought we heard

this is what happens when you decide to prioritize
     and everything i want is contained inside
the supple vessel of your lap, your eyes, your exit
     a bit of fresh air does not help at all and the way
you scan the passage of so many mistakes
     is nothing like the raised eyebrow to my passing

so this is how that emptiness grows and grows
so this is the best i can do without my dreams
so this how my road unravels in your back country

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