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one last one

one is sleeping somewhere else
another one is walking,
and one is at home inside my mind

inside in as many nights as it was possible
without the benefit of a doubtless falling
squarely within the framework of a trance
there was a particular moment, a point worth
making in between your days off, your sheets
your way of letting me know this is something
of a beautiful mistake, an unforeseen overexposure
the type of mistake you hold onto just because

one is sleeping in my mind
another one is home
and one is walking somewhere else

three time's the charm, though no one
seems to be counting, some one is keeping
track of all the missed opportunities
afforded by chance and circumstance
only to realize there's no such luck
once you let it sink to the bottom

one is home sleeping
another one walks out of my mind
and one is left somewhere else

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