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we wish

seems to me that maybe i've never been there
the last time we drank together was somewhere else
altogether a relatively quiet affair, the drinks
the smoky looks, the take-me-away interiors
i decided to see myself wanting nothing but

we were all there before it happened
     we were all gone when the dust blew in
            we were almost out of danger for good


seems like they all speak another language
because i never understand anything anybody says
we all grow weary and start looking for the door
but nobody wants to be the first to stand up
we then decided not to wait any longer


wish we were nowhere near the end
but the sun catches us out back on the sand
the sound of waves crashing lulling us into
each other like the pieces of the puzzle
we were leaving once and for all to see

we could not foresee the many ways
     we were thrown together against everything
           we were trying to avoid telling each other

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